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Demand Side Platform (DSP) vs Supply Side Platform (SSP)

Aug 4, 2020 2:46:16 PM / by Joe Pacitti posted in advertising, media buying platform


In 2020, it seems like there is an acronym for everything in the marketing and advertising industry. From OTT to CPC to KPI, it can sometimes get confusing. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you can add two more to your dictionary and they are DSP and SSP.

A demand side platform (DSP) is defined as an adtech software application that enables brands, advertisers, and agencies to programmatically buy ads from marketplaces such as ad networks or supply-side platforms.

A supply-side platform (SSP) (also known as a sell-side platform) is a type of advertising technology (adtech) that helps publishers optimize their ad inventory.

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